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Bright, warm, energy efficient
GU10 LED bulbs to replace halogens

2700 kelvins
60 degrees
400+ lumens
40,000 hours
88% less

What makes Superflare GU10 LEDs different?

Welcome to our newest premium product based on the latest COB LED technology.

The brightness of a bulb is measured in lumens. Ours are market leading and deliver a massive amount of lumens. You won't be disappointed at the brightness. We're confident that you'll replace your current 50W halogens and be impressed.
The temperature of a bulb indicates how warm the colour of the light appears. Our bulbs are 2700 kelvins which means your home will be warm and inviting. You won't be thinking these bulbs are too cold or blue.
Our bulbs are 5-6W and rated at least A+ for energy efficiency. Compared to a standard 50W halogen you can save up to an amazing 88% on your electricity consumption. An investment in a Superflare bulb could pay for itself in under a year.
LED bulbs last a lot longer than your old halogens and our bulbs are no exception. Rated at an average of 40,000 hours usage, you will spend a lot less of your time replacing bulbs. Our bulbs our guaranteed for 2 years.
A wide angle of illumination is important to spread light around your room, and our bulbs are 60 degrees. This is the measure of where the light output falls to half the maximum intensity. Our bulbs continue to emit a great deal of light to almost 180 degrees giving you great coverage.